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Penticton Regional Hospital CT Scanner Renovation

  • Client
    Interior Health Authority
  • Location
    Penticton, BC
  • Size
    10,000 sq feet


This project involved the renovation of an unoccupied space and existing CT ancillary spaces to accommodate a new CT Suite complete with support space.

It was discovered during the design phase that the space allocated to the new suite was not adequate to accommodate the new CT. The solution involved moving the wall 1.2m into the existing CT suite. The resulting schedule challenges were resolved by completing the work over a weekend so a shutdown of the CT could be coordinated while the wall, generator and lead were installed. The work required organization of many aspects, including the transport of emergency patients to an alternate hospital while the unit was down.

Complex phasing and infection control requirements were given careful consideration so that the existing CT suite, adjacent to the area of renovation, and the existing food services area, directly below the area of renovation, were able to remain operational during the renovation.

The design process included a workshop session in which we completed master planning for the area to ensure that development of the CT suite would work with any future considerations of the department. Subsequently, we worked with the vendor to generate a schematic design report that included options entailing structural, mechanical and electrical reports for cost analysis. The reports were evaluated by a quantity surveyor, consultants and the PM before the final report was issued with the preferred option.

thinkspace worked closely with the user group and steering committee to develop a functional design that would meet the needs of the patients and the staff. The CT was completed on time and under budget, which freed up funding for additional work – the improvement of the staff services breakout room, the reception area and to create a new waiting area for the patients.

Due to the scale of the project within the existing facility, LEED® could not be a consideration. However, careful deliberation went into the choice of materials and the use of low VOC products. Demolition was also completed in an environmentally sensitive manner.