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Kelowna General Hospital Gamma Camera Renovation

  • Client
    Interior Health
  • Location
    Kelowna, BC
  • Completion


The Kelowna General Hospital gamma camera renovation project involved the transformation of three existing rooms within the Diagnostic Imaging department at Kelowna General Hospital. Two rooms were combined to create a gamma camera and control room, and the third was repurposed as a storage room.

The gamma camera and control room underwent significant work, including the demolition of dividing walls, existing ceilings, removal and relocation of medical gas; construction of new walls, bulkheads, metal ceiling tile system and lighting; construction of new control room with leaded glazing; construction of leaded shielding at all perimeter walls; coring for the new GE gamma camera machine; installation of new air mixing box; and ducting that was designed to supply air closer to the floor level as per requirements by the machine manufacturer.

The renovation included installation of new millwork, new flooring and flash cover, new hand hygiene sink, various electrical and computational equipment, and re-installation of an existing angel lift.

The storage room underwent a modest renovation. An existing sink, counter, mop sink and its concrete pedestal and flooring were removed. The room was painted and had new flooring, baseboards, wall protection, and electrical light switches and receptacles installed.