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The Practice

Thinkspace Architecture® Planning Interior Design Ltd. is a client-focused design practice that has been providing professional services continually since 1963. Our highly collaborative staff – located in studios in Surrey, Kelowna, and Langford – works with clients across British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon, and the Western US, in the K-12 education, healthcare, post-secondary education, civic, and commercial sectors.

Vision + core focus 

At Thinkspace, we transform our clients’ complex challenges into elegant solutions. That means a collaborative, iterative experience that realizes a collective vision to optimize environments and empower people.

Our purpose – to create places that inspire people. Our niche? Simple solutions for complex challenges in the built environment. 

Our values

Thinkspace is a value-driven design practice. These five values shape our approach to every project and client interaction. 

Curious – Assumptions and preconceived ideas starve curiosity. That’s not the Thinkspace way. We ask questions, like “what if…”, and we explore the improbable. We are patient – a better solution will emerge if we stay open to the possible.

Client-focused – We ask, and we listen. We don’t tell. We communicate and stay connected with our clients. We have too much respect for their perspective not to – it’s the key to design that enhances the human condition.

Collaborative – We all view the world from our own, unique vantage point – informed by life’s experiences. When we collaborate with clients, builders, consultants, and each other, we harness something of incredible value that only the individual can provide.

Committed – There are no shortcuts to great work. It requires our everything – focus, energy, and passion. Each of us must commit to great work – for ourselves, and for one another. And to doing what’s right, not what’s easy.

Accountable – To do great work, we must work as a team. A team that holds each other accountable in pursuit of a common objective. Being accountable simply means that we deliver upon our commitments, no matter what!

Business operations

Thinkspace is one of only a handful of architectural firms that has chosen to use EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System®. EOS is a set of business processes and tools that help us run more efficiently and deliver the best results possible for our clients, consultants, and collaborators.

EOS focuses on Vision, Traction, and Health for the business. The net result is a tight-knit group of people with the same mindset, working together to achieve common goals and deliver exceptional results. We know it sets Thinkspace apart.

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