Master Planning

At thinkspace our approach to master planning is responsive to long term community, client and organizational needs and is critical, analytical and data driven.  We listen and work closely with the client and the community to develop the best long term solutions producing a living document that is meant to be a tool for decision making at all levels of strategic planning.

Facilities Planning

In the past years thinkspace has obtained extensive experience in facility planning, programming, utilization and optimization.  We delivered facility planning products to 34 school districts, Colleges, Universities, and Municipal Governments in both British Columbia and Alberta.


thinkspace’s objective is to provide you with  a participatory and inclusive design process. We work closely with our clients and partners throughout the design and construction process to achieve a well-balanced, functional and aesthetically pleasing facility.

Seismic Upgrades

Having completed 28 seismic upgrade projects as either the prime consultant or architectural subcontractors, we are well versed to assist you in upgrading and retrofitting your facility to create a safe environment for your community.Renovations & Additions In addition to seismic upgrades, buildings frequently require significant upgrades to existing systems, code compliance and interior design.  With a significant portfolio of renovation projects our team has the skills, experience and know-how to assist you with improvements to your facility.

Feasibility Studies

thinkspace offers planning services for feasibility studies to support our clients in the decision making process, our specialists can provide pre-design services such as:
  • Long range facilities and Capital plans
  • Demographic projections and enrolments reviews
  • Capacity and Gap analysis
  • Business cases
  • Project identification & definition reports

Contract Administration

At thinkspace we look out for our clients’ interests by ensuring that the finished product conforms to the contract documents. Our Project Management Team will ensure the construction is documented properly. Quality procedures are in place to ensure that the project will be completed on time and on schedule. 

Interior Design

thinkspace has a Registered Interior Designer on staff and offers expertise in Tenant Improvements, Renovations and Additions.

Building Envelope Design

Thinkspace has fully qualified Building Envelope Specialists and technologist in house to ensure well performing building envelope systems are brought to all our projects.

Prefabricated Modular Construction

In response to the request for temporary teaching spaces, thinkspace have become experts in prefabricated modular design and construction. Industry representatives frequently recommend our services and seek our assistance to both temporary and permanent installations.

Public Interface/Public Consultation

thinkspace has made numerous presentations to open public gatherings explaining design proposals.  In addition, we have facilitated workshops on school location decisions as well as obtaining public input on Neighbourhood Learning Centre composition. We have facilitated successful student workshops as design charettes, sustainability workshops, and energy modeling workshops with School District stakeholders.

Community Planning

thinkspace offers a broad spectrum of community planning services, which complement our foundation in architecture and recognize the role that civic, health and education facilities have in community planning and development. Our multi-disciplinary team of urban and regional planners, campus planners and architects provide a collaborative approach to develop solutions that consider the physical, community and financial impacts to communities, including regional districts, municipalities, universities, and first nations.

thinkspace has a philosophy to listen to and understand client needs, to engage stakeholders and to guide them through the planning process while ensuring that planning decisions, strategies, policies and documents align with the vision and objectives of the community. Our approach allows community planning investment to be focused, encouraging suitable change that is supported by the community to occur in a cost effective and efficient manner.


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