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We’re genuinely interested and invested in the people we work with, the clients we serve, and the communities we help to shape. That passion for our work is combined with a curiosity about the work itself. We as a team are driven by the unique challenges of each project, because they present opportunities to learn and shift the paradigm. 

Curiosity is one of our core values, so it makes sense that Thinkspace encourages and supports staff in continuing education opportunities. Several people have become Registered Architects, LEED® certified, or received Accredited Learning Environment Planner (ALEP) designations since they started with Thinkspace.

We work to promote design excellence at Thinkspace, and we encourage staff to share their knowledge and experience. We frequently contribute to lectures and conferences, at local, national, and international levels. In-studio lunch-and-learns and design charettes help us to keep up with the latest products, technologies, and architectural and planning trends and ideas.

We’re also active in the communities where we work and live. Staff regularly participate in local fundraising and design initiatives, as well as activities such as the Vancouver Sun Run, Pink Shirt Day, and our annual camping trip, which has been running for nearly a decade.