Centennial Secondary School

Client: School District No. 43
Location: Coquitlam, BC

This new 12,200 sq. m. secondary school, with room for 1,250 students, is designed to replace the current school while retaining one of the existing gyms.

The new school will have a major focus on 21st century learning. Groups of classrooms form learning communities with moveable walls that allow for flexible learning spaces and student / teacher collaboration.

The library will be a key feature for the new school, and will be situated next to an amphitheatre that can be used for band and choir concerts and outdoor learning. The school will include a teaching kitchen, shops for metal, automotive and carpentry, as well as a 220-seat theatre with a larger backstage than the current theatre.

Unique features of the project include:
  • spaces designed for individualized support, collaborative groups, small learning communities, personal learning and reflection, and social learning
  • a variety of learning and teaching styles are supported
  • natural lighting, temperature control, ventilation and acoustics are optimized
  • there are provisions for outdoor learning and physical activities
  • the building’s design invites community participation (theatre, music, art, community gym)
  • there are spaces to support community enhancements to the educational programs
  • the design establishes an appropriate civic presence for the school in its neighbourhood
  • materials, massing, siting and elevations contribute to an inspiring and coherent design (externally and internally)
  • the building incorporates and visibly demonstrates sustainable design concepts