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Holy Cross Regional High School

  • Client
    Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver
  • Location
    Surrey, BC
  • Size
    10,000 sq feet
  • Completion


Holy Cross Regional High School is a regional Catholic high school owned by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver and operated by the Catholic Independent Schools of the Vancouver Archdiocese (CISVA). The school site is comprised of the existing Holy Cross Secondary, St. Matthew’s R.C. Parish, St. Matthew’s elementary school, and an existing track and field facility. The existing school is over capacity, has seismic deficiencies, and is pressured by increasing enrollment. 

The project began as a masterplan exercise and concluded in a business case presentation to the Archdiocesan Building Commission. The initial cost estimate was over budget, so a reduced scope option was approved to proceed.

The reduced option consists of a new building with six classrooms, one art classroom, one band room, one choir room, one drama room and a gym with 800-seat bleachers. Work will include partial demolition and seismic structural upgrade of the existing school, which is to remain operational throughout construction, as well as after the new school is occupied. The design also includes revisions to parking and utilities to accommodate the new school and maximize parking space on the property.