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Douglas Elementary School

  • Client
    Surrey School District (No. 36)
  • Location
    Surrey, BC
  • Completion
  • Photographer
    Brit Kwasney Photography


Thinkspace was retained by the Surrey School District to complete three separate elementary schools: Douglas, Maddaugh Road, and Edgewood. Each of the three schools share a fundamentally similar design, which was significantly influenced by the Thinkspace-designed Mar Jok Elementary School in West Kelowna.

These new K-7 schools address existing and future accommodation projections within three growing communities in Surrey. Each school was approved with a 15% area allowance for a Neighborhood Learning Centre. They were designed to achieve provincial government policy priorities, including LEED® NC 2004 Gold equivalent standards, and to maximize the use of wood in accordance with the Wood First Act.

Douglas features a welcoming two-storey entrance through a foyer, connecting the front entrance, parking, and drop-off with student play and sports field programs. Community use spaces, including the gymnasium, multi-purpose room, and meeting space, are separated from student education spaces for sound attenuation and after-hours community use. Classrooms are sub-divided into learning neighborhoods, with each neighborhood located around a shared project space with direct views and access to exterior play areas. Fully glazed sliding walls that support the delivery of differentiated instructional methodologies open to a shared project space in each classroom.