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Allan Francis

Architect AIBC, LEED® AP
Architect, Partner
Allan Francis

Allan has had the pleasure of working on a wide variety of building types over the past two-plus decades, ranging from residential to commercial to institutional. He has gained experience as a member of consultant, builder, compliance and consortium teams, ensuring that he as a solid understanding of all aspects of project delivery.

Since joining Thinkspace, Allan has worked on a number of key projects, including the Douglas, Edgewood, and Maddaugh schools for Surrey School District, a $200 million commercial project (confidential client), along with a number of civic and healthcare projects.

Prior to joining Thinkspace, Allan worked on design management of the Stanton Territorial Hospital in Yellowknife and the BC Children’s and BC Women’s Teck Acute Care Centre in Vancouver, both of which were delivered as public/private partnerships.

Allan is also interested in sustainable design, not only as recognized through LEED® AP certification, but through other integrated project delivery models. These considerations include capital costs alongside ongoing energy consumption and facility management lifecycle costs.