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Wood Use in Schools report launches

September 22, 2020

We’re proud to announce the release of an important new report that we co-authored, titled “Wood Use in British Columbia Schools.” It’s a practical guide for school districts, administrators, and design professionals on the use of wood and wood products in the construction of K-12 schools. The report was written in conjunction with Fast + Epp, structural engineers, for Forestry Innovation Investment.

from the executive summary

Wood, particularly in British Columbia, is an inherently valuable resource for the design and construction community, with a huge opportunity to increase its use in both new construction and renovations and upgrades. Wood is an amazingly useful and resilient material. Thanks in part to advances in the industry, wood can now be used in applications that were traditionally reserved for concrete and steel – and it should be a regular part of our architectural, engineering and construction vernacular.

One sector that deserves special attention when it comes to an increased use of wood in design and construction is the education sector, with a focus on K-12 schools.

Each school project, regardless of whether it is new construction, an addition / expansion, or a retrofit, represents an opportunity to further the provincial and federal governments’ desire to reduce carbon emissions and footprints, work towards net-zero and support local forest-based economies. Additionally, school districts have ready access to homegrown technology that is leading edge, globally. In other words, there are many reasons to use wood in schools.

download a copy

The report is available for free download: low resolution (3mb) | high resolution (35mb)

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