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New School Project In West Kelowna

November 1, 2014

School District #23 (Central Okanagan) has selected Renaissance-GHM Architects to design a new Elementary School in West Kelowna.

Mar Jok Elementary, named after a pioneer in the local Chinese Canadian community, has a budget of $12 million and will be built in the growing Rose Valley residential area. The school will accommodate 400 Grade 1 to 6 students and 60 Kindergarten students to ease the overpopulation of other elementary schools in the area.
The design will be completed in six to eight months to allow for construction to be completed before the start of the 2014 school year.

The school will have a Neighbourhood Learning component with space available for community activities in the evenings and weekends. It will be one of the first Neighbourhood Learning Initiatives in the Okanagan.
GHMA has a long tradition of designing K-12 schools and incorporating the latest educational philosophies (21st Century Learning) into the designs.

See the full article in the Daily Courier.

Update: Funding Approved

The province has announced funding approval for the new Mar Jok Elementary school to support the growing district. Read more on the BC Government Newsroom.