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CEFPI BC Chapter School Tour

May 7, 2015

Carson Graham Secondary School

Thinkspace participated in CEFPI BC Chapter’s recent school tours in North Vancouver.

Queen Mary Community Elementary School was the first tour of the afternoon. This was an interesting project with a design brief to conserve the existing facade. Notable features include:

  • the seismic upgrading of the walls and foundations of the existing building
  • a 3 storey atrium that was created by demolishing part of the existing building, with a central stair connecting all levels.
  • some of the existing structural components were recreated in the new gym
  • colour was added with painted glass and colourful patterned vinyl floor.

The second tour was of Carson Graham Secondary School, a Thinkspace project, led by Mark and Mohan. This is a replacement school for 1100 students. A small component, administration and the theatre, was preserved and a 100,000 sqft 3 storey building was added. The focal point of this project is the central corridor space that has been configured to have a 3 storey atrium space with ‘bridges’ providing access to classrooms. This allows natural light to reach the lowest floors of the building. Naturally lit nooks along and off the corridors act as congregation and study spaces, making it a desirable space in which to meet and interact.

The third tour was to the North Vancouver school board office. The School Board occupies the top 4 floors and the lowest floor is an art gallery.

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