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Steven Biersteker

Architect AIBC
Architect, Associate | Sustainability Lead
Steven Biersteker

Steven completed his Bachelors and Masters of Architecture at Ryerson University where his thesis explored the idea that technology has allowed architects to become modern day craftsman. Following graduation, he moved to BC where he became a registered architect, and has worked on a variety of projects from custom residential to large-scale commercial and a health-and-wellness centre.

Steven’s passion lies in design and creating simple concepts for complex buildings. He appreciates the use of natural materials and strives to create human focused environments that engage all the senses.

Steven believes passive sustainable strategies and low carbon buildings will continue to be on the forefront of the architectural discussion and inform the way we think about the built environment. He has plans to become Passive House Certified and help educate the public on the values of sustainable design.

Selected projects

Four questions with…

What type of architecture / architect or design work inspires you?
Design that looks great, functions well, and respects the environment is the most inspiring architecture to me. Simple forms, clean lines, and natural materials. That usually means something Danish or Scandinavian.

What’s your favourite Thinkspace project (to date)?
The Robert G Kuhn Centre at Trinity Western University checks off so many things on my list. Great forms, a clear concept, and functional space. Not to mention the beautiful timber structure and atrium!

What’s your favourite thing about working at Thinkspace?
Thinkspace values people. Its clients, its employees, and the public. That sets us apart from other design firms.