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Dayna Wlasoff

Planner, Associate
Dayna Wlasoff

Dayna completed her diploma in Architectural Technology from SAIT in 2014, and continued on in her education, completing her Architectural Science degree from BCIT in 2016. During her studies in architecture, she gained an interest in the connection with buildings and the public realm. 

This interest led to Dayna’s decision to get her Masters of Planning from the University of Calgary. During that time, Dayna became passionate about how to learn from and improve the built environment of our communities and cities in order to strengthen them.

With both an architecture and planning background, Dayna is able to apply her knowledge and skills to both types of projects with the Thinkspace team.

Selected projects

Four questions with…

What is your favourite pastime?
Spending quality time with my dog, Dino.

What type of architecture / architect or design work inspires you?
My passion for planning and design spans all scales, from individual buildings to the strategic visioning of larger sites, campuses, and communities. What truly excites me is the intersection of architecture and planning, where analytical thinking and big picture considerations come together to shape the places we inhabit.

If you weren’t working in architecture, what would you be doing?
If I didn’t work as a planner, I’d probably pursue a career in paleontology, due to my other passion for dinosaurs. I’d enjoy traveling the world to uncover fossils and contribute to our understanding of prehistoric life. Plus, sharing new dinosaur facts with others would be really exciting!

What’s your favourite thing about working at Thinkspace?
One of the best parts of working at Thinkspace is the incredible individuals I collaborate with, both among my colleagues in the office and the diverse range of clients I have the pleasure of meeting outside the office.