Arno Compas

Senior Technologist

Arno believes good detailing can make a difference in architecture. He likes to be involved from the start to the finish of a project, working closely with the architect and specializing in the details. Arno is the main specification writer for Thinkspace projects.

After graduating from Technical School in Carpentry, Arno continued his education by completing a 4-year study for Architectural Technologist, followed by a 4-year study for Architectural Engineer. He worked for close to 12 years in the Netherlands, including projects such as mixed-use retail and residential projects, ING headquarters and one of the largest libraries in the Netherlands. In September 2007, he immigrated to Canada and settled in Lake Country.

In recent years, Arno has worked as an senior architectural technologist and as a designer on several projects such as the new Mar Jok Elementary School, Lake Country Waste Water Treatment Plant, Nicola Canford Elementary School addition and renovation, Okanagan Mission Secondary School entrance and façade upgrade, Trinity Baptist NextGen Youth building detailing, Durand Manor renovation, UBCO STAR Onsite and Offsite renovations, Glenmore Booster Station and Eldorado Treated Water Reservoir.

Arno loves road biking, swimming and running. He has completed his first full marathon and already has plans to do another. Arno would also like to try an Olympic distance triathlon in the future.