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New Associate Announcement – Dayna Wlasoff

April 4, 2024

We’re very pleased to announce that Dayna Wlasoff, RPP, MCIP, has accepted the challenge of becoming an associate at Thinkspace.

“Dayna has been an integral member of the Thinkspace team for almost six years now, and we are happy that she will continue to develop her career with us as an associate,” said Lee Blanchard, partner at Thinkspace Architecture Planning Interior Design Ltd.

Lee went on to note, “Dayna reflects the Thinkspace way by leading our planning sector with the highest commitment to design excellence and client relations. In addition to Dayna’s commitment to project work, she is also an integral presence within the studio and leads every initiative with a hands-on approach. She motivates both our planning and architecture teams!”

“Beyond that, Dayna is a strong leader for our Social Committee, which ensures the growth and well-being of our vibrant office culture. She is an amazing team player, and embodies Thinkspace’s core values every day.”

Over the past few years, Dayna has been involved in diverse projects, such as developing campus master plans for institutions like Northwestern Polytechnic, Justice Institute of BC, Lakeland College Farm, and Northern Lights College at their Fort St. John campus. Currently, she is focused on overseeing implementation and feasibility studies stemming from these initiatives.

Dayna enjoys working with clients and user groups, understanding their goals, and shaping them into actionable plans for development. By working together, she ensures everyone is on the same page and invested in the project’s success, fostering a sense of shared ownership and commitment.

Dayna’s favourite project to date has been the Camosun College Master Plan. It marked her debut in campus master planning, and she has been fortunate to witness its evolution into numerous projects at the college, including the Wilna Thomas Student Hub Renovation.

“I’m very excited to be advancing my career with Thinkspace,” said Dayna. “I’ve learned and grown significantly from the people and clients I work with. I’m excited to carry on this learning journey with future projects and the opportunities they bring.”

Congratulations to Dayna on this well-deserved next step in her career!