University of Alberta Chemistry Centre Atrium Renovation

Client: University of Alberta
Location: Edmonton, AB

This project involved the redesign of a dark atrium between the 1959 chemistry building and the newer 1975 building sited parallel to the older one. An atrium was created between the two but has always been very dark. The University requested Thinkspace look at ways of making it available for student use and making it a much better place to work or study.

The goal was to create small oasis for students to work and rest. The glazing is meant to be surfaces that can be used to write on as part of working and studying. Galvolume sheets are used to assist daylight in penetrating further into the space by capturing daylight from the skylight above.

This scheme provides much additional student-oriented space for both working and relaxing and is in fact an extension of and direct connection to the CAB facility.

Photos by Bright Photography