UBCO Gym Office Renovation

Client: University of British Columbia – Okanagan
Location: Kelowna, BC

The UBCO basketball team, The Heat, required expansion and an upgrade to their existing offices. The existing flat roof, which was intended for future expansion, was utilized to create an open plan office with private interview rooms for staff and students. The scope of work includes demolition of existing brickwork, concrete columns, windows and roofing to create a new infill.

The use of curtain wall and glazed interior partitions allow light to enter the new addition and the existing gym space. A generous amount of wood details helps create a warm and welcoming environment.

The main focal point of the expansion is the addition of new box window seating and trophy cabinet, which animates the foyer from outside the office while also creating a relaxing waiting area inside The Heat offices. The UBCO Heat branding and colour scheme help strengthen the branding and prominence of the offices.