Our approach to planning at Thinkspace is responsive to our client’s organizational vision and needs. From a building to a campus or community, we focus on developing tools to help you make decisions.

Expertise: We work on a range of planning project scales (Project Definition Reports, Master and Facility Planning, Feasibility Reports, Site Planning) that complement our basis in architecture, with our primary focus on the development of overall master plans and facility plans attuned to planning horizons from 10-25 years for institutional and civic governments. These plans include analytical site planning that apply principles of city design, utilization and optimization measures for room and building use, development of facility spatial standards and management protocols and policies for the assignment and on-going stewardship of space.

Process: We use a four-stage process consisting of:

  • Framework – the operating associations and protocols for the project
  • Discovery – comprising of:
    • Data – retrieval and research across areas that including space assignment and use, demography, economic context, and physical infrastructure
    • Engagement – that establishes both broad visions, as well as the needs of groups, and individual users
    • Analysis – where both data and engagement meet to establish the unique needs of the project
  • Exploration – exploring potential solutions armed with solid information drawn from the previous phases of work
  • Recommendations – developing specific recommendations and documenting these in a comprehensive planning document

People: As planning professionals, we aim to develop robust, well researched plans that are founded on the best principles of human settlement, health and well being, sustainable practice, and community structure. We create policies, and solutions that are meant to make our important places the best they can be.

Collaboration: Solutions are team driven and reflect the intense collaboration that Thinkspace is known for. The team is the client, consultants, stakeholders, and our in-office personnel all driving the outcome as a cohesive working group.

Technology: Not only do we use technology to help us communicate the process and design intent of a project, but as well to provide you with the right tools so you can make informed decisions. For every project, we use the appropriate technology whether that is a simple diagram, 3D model or development of our own tools to accurately analyze data and showcase relationships.


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