Alpha Secondary School Seismic Upgrade and Addition

Client: School District No. 41 (Burnaby)
Location: Burnaby, BC

The Alpha Secondary School seismic upgrade, demolition, and addition provides a safe and upgraded learning environment for students and staff. The seismic upgrade of the school ensures the safety of all staff and students in the event of an earthquake, while a portion of the school that was unsafe was demolished and a new wing added.

The addition pulls the school together and helps to eliminate the disconnect between buildings. It provides an updated and modern learning environment, is safe, and acts as an attractive new entry to the school. The addition includes a school commons area where students will be able to socialize, study, and learn in a bright and open setting as well as a revamped courtyard for students and staff to enjoy.

The seismic upgrade includes structurally reinforcing the existing school and replacing a portion of the building with a two-storey addition. The addition includes 14 classrooms, seven science classrooms and labs, four computer labs, administration space, and common learning areas.

The project also includes an updated main entrance with a widened turn-around drop-off loop, outdoor plazas, a landscaped student courtyard, and a revised asphalt parking area.