Kelowna General Hospital Catheterization Lab Replacement

Client: Interior Health Authority
Location: Kelowna, BC

Kelowna General Hospital is comprised of numerous additions with this project located in the heart of the building. The Catheterization Lab Replacement entailed the creation of a new Lab adjacent to the existing unit as well as the decommissioning the existing unit. The design created a new control room directly behind the existing room. Due to the proximity of the existing facilities it was possible to create a new room while maintaining ongoing operations in the hospital.

The creation of the new room was challenging due to the lack in ceiling height and insufficient air volumes. As a result, the addition of a new air handling unit necessitated careful coordination of mechanical and structural systems. With this in mind, we undertook an investigation of the existing structure.

It was determined that a structural upgrade to the roof was essential to carry the weight. With the limits in ceiling height in mind, we determined that the upgrade had to be completed from the exterior. The upgrade was required not only for the unit but for the roof itself which was deficient.