Our commercial clients are often the end users of the buildings. We design their buildings and their spaces with them. We understand how they think, what they want, and how they will use the building and offer a proactive approach to maintain budget, schedule and deliverables. Below is a brief overview of what Thinkspace offers to our commercial clients.

Knowledge: We work on specific commercial applications like car dealerships, daycares, modular buildings, office buildings, mixed-use buildings and, more recently, film studios. We have extensive experience and expertise in those areas. Our experience is on a wide variety of new builds and renovations of different sizes and complexities as well as in many different jurisdictions in the Lower Mainland, the island, the Interior and the north of BC.

Expertise: With experience comes a wide range of expertise that offers a confidence that we speak the same language our clients speak, making our design process efficient and effective. We have in-house experts in car dealership branding, daycare requirements, modular building layouts, office building construction and sound & film studios and other commercial sectors. People who love to do what they are good at. This synergy of knowledge and people benefits the projects and the collaboration with the client, the authorities, the consultants and the teams within thinkspace.

Client Focused: Our clients are experts in their businesses and know exactly what its wants and needs are. They don’t necessarily know how to express that in design and drawings. Thinkspace is an expert in translating those wants and needs in highly functional buildings, with an architectural appearance reflecting our client’s brand and ideas, processed in a timeline and budget that maintains profitability and operation of business. This synergy and collaboration between us and the client makes this process a smooth one.

Communication: Our experience has taught us to keep communication open with the client, consultants and suppliers throughout the project, to remain flexible at all times, easily incorporate changes along the way and still achieve the best end result. Even more important for commercial clients, vulnerable to outside changes and its effect on operations, budget and timing.


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