Glenmore Booster Station

Client: District of Lake Country
Location: Lake Country, BC

In 2008 the District constructed a new pressure regulating station at the corner of Glenmore Rd. and Seaton Rd. The station acts as a normal pressure regulating station supplying two downstream pressure zones, one supplied with Beaver Lake water and the other Okanagan Lake water. The two different sources are also interconnected inside station.

The approximately 7.3 m x 15.1 m Glenmore Booster Station project involved the construction of a new interconnected facility that supplies water from each of the water sources. The station gives utility operations more options and greater capacity to deliver a higher quality, with greater reliability.

The design of this station also included consideration of the limitations of the Okanagan Lake pumping station and reservoir and minimized confined space requirements. Elements included:

  • The functional design includes a concrete wall with circular openings allowing the public to look into the building to see the water booster equipment.
  • The roof design reflects the water connections with different sizes of culverts.