Eldorado Treated Water Reservoir

Location: Lake Country, BC

The Eldorado Treated Water Reservoir was designed and constructed at the same time as the Glenmore Booster Station. Working with AECOM, Thinkspace designed the approximately 9.4 m x 18 m booster station at the Eldorado site to complement a 6,000 m3 cast-in-place concrete treated water reservoir.

The Eldorado balancing reservoir was constructed with a design that anticipated the need for a future treated water reservoir and treatment facility. It is anticipated that water from the balancing reservoir will need to be pumped to these future facilities.

Design of this facility includes redundancy to any critical items. Consideration to system supply during maintenance operations was crucial. A design that takes into account future growth and upsizing needs is another important aspect of this project.

Some features include:

  • The functional design located on the hill side with a green roof.
  • The landscape runs smoothly into the green roof so that the building is hardly noticeable from the Eldorado Treated water Reservoir side.