Maddaugh Elementary School Featured in Award Magazine

With the Surrey School District growing by an average of 1000 students per year, a series of modified repeat designs based on the award-winning Mar Jok Elementary School located in Kelowna, B.C. where proposed to meet the urgent need for more space.

The new Maddaugh Elementary School, with a capacity of 525 Grade 1 to 7 students and 80 Kindergarten students, is one of the three new sister schools in the District and has been featured in the March 2021 issue of Award Magazine.

Feature: Stitó:s Lá:lém totí:lt

The layout of Stitó:s Lá:lém totí:lt is influenced by nature. As the school is located next to the Vedder River, the south edge of the building was shaped by the river’s flood plain, providing the south facing classrooms with sweeping views to the forest preserved by the two covenant areas on site as well as the river beyond. Breaks between classroom groupings allow access to the site’s nature play areas from the school’s main corridor, where the floor pattern echoes the old river bed from 100 years ago.

Lessons from the 49th Parallel

Lee will be presenting at the A4LE BC Chapter’s Lunch & Learn this Thursday.

Lee’s presentation outlines the benefits (and limitations) of using a modified “repeat” design of Mar Jok Elementary for 3 new schools in the Surrey School District. He will address how the design was modified for each of 3 sites in this “made in Surrey” version of the school; meeting district technical and educational requirements within Ministry of Education design standards and unit rates. Viewers will also take a virtual tour of Douglas Elementary, the first of the three new schools to be completed.