Five questions with our newest registered architect – Osman Ozakcayli

It’s a big deal for intern architects to complete their internship and become a registered architect in British Columbia. Early in July, one of our intern architects, Osman Ozakcayli, completed all of the necessary requirements and is now registered! We thought it would be fun to hear some thoughts on architecture from this new Architect AIBC.

But first, a little back story… Osman is originally from Turkey, where he was a registered architect who specialized in design-build projects. When he came to Canada, he worked in the building envelop and construction sectors for a number of years, but decided that his passion was architecture and chose to get registered so he could practice in BC.

Thinkspace: Why did you go through the intern architect program, when you were already registered in Turkey?
Osman: For me, there was no other way but to enroll and complete the intern architect program to practice as an architect in Canada, so I did. It was a three-year journey, but it is worth it.

Thinkspace: What’s your favourite thing about being an architect?
Osman: I love the dynamism in the profession. We, architects, are always in constant search of betterment and creativity. You can not be bored in architecture; it is a fulfilling profession in every moment. You meet and work with great minds from all professions. Architecture expresses the essence of who we are and aspire to become.

Thinkspace: Is there a style of architecture that speaks to you?
Osman: To me, architecture is much more than a style to pursue. Order or style we impose may constrain us, obscuring our view of the real problem at hand. Current issues such as diversity, environmental and social sustainability, creation of positive human experiences, enhancing the human experience are more critical to solutions specific to each design challenge, let alone building type, context, and purpose of the building.

Thinkspace: What makes for great architecture in the Metro Vancouver region?
Osman: Metro Vancouver is one of the most incredible places to live and practice architecture. Sustainable practices, such as the use of mass timber in construction, have been increased substantially with new technologies, innovative materials, construction techniques, and improved fire regulations. There are some impressive architectural designs that integrate mass timber use from commercial to the civic community.

Thinkspace: Finally, share a few things about yourself that people might not know.
Osman: Practicing architecture consumes all my time (almost). But from time to time, I enjoy playing chess, watching opera, or playing golf.

Congratulations, Osman, from all of us here at Thinkspace on this amazing accomplishment! We’re glad to have you on the team!