Five Questions With a Newly Registered Architect – Shaiyoo Yang

Getting registered as an architect is a long and challenging process, and we like to celebrate when one of our own completes all of the requirements! The newest Architect AIBC at Thinkspace is Shaiyoo Yang. We thought it would be fun to pick her brain about architecture and design, and see what makes her tick. Here's what she had to say!

Thinkspace - What are some of the advantages of being a registered architect, versus an intern architect?
Shaiyoo - I have always wanted to be able to practice architecture one day, so naturally, I chose to pursue becoming a registered architect upon graduation. To become registered architects, we are required to gain hands-on experience from every stage of a project, pass exams, and gain skills in multiple areas that are required to bring a project from concept to life. Having gone through the process helps me to build up confidence in project delivery.

Thinkspace - What’s your favourite thing about being an architect? 
Shaiyoo - I enjoy the process of problem-solving at every stage of a project. I believe architects are motivated to resolve challenging problems with creativity. Whether it is incorporating users’ needs in design, tackling technical difficulties, or coordinating onsite conflicts, I gain satisfaction from solving a problem that meets both the user’s expectations and design intent.

Thinkspace - Which style of architecture speaks to you the most, and why?
Shaiyoo - Personally, I appreciate it when buildings are designed with sustainability in mind. Our construction industry contributes significantly to energy consumption and emits a massive amount of greenhouse gas to the environment every year. As architects, we have the responsibility to reduce the negative environmental impacts through thoughtful considerations in our design. We have some local examples in BC where the buildings are starting to utilize more passive energy, source local materials, and minimize energy loss through improved building envelope details.

Thinkspace - What do you consider great architecture in the Metro Vancouver region?
Shaiyoo - Vancouver has many good examples of public architecture, such as institutional buildings, community centers, art galleries, and parks. I like to visit them in my spare time. The beautiful spatial quality, efficient functional layout, updated infrastructure, and inclusive design are what draw me to these spaces.

Thinkspace - What would people be surprised to learn about you?
Shaiyoo - In my spare time, I enjoy doing outdoor activities. You can find me snowboarding at the mountain in winter and hiking in the summer.


Thanks, Shaiyoo, and congratulations on this great accomplishment!