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Weronika Michalska

Project Manager
Weronika Michalska

Weronika, originally from Poland, decided to make BC her home in 2017. With over ten years of experience in architecture and construction, she has successfully contributed to a wide range of projects in the education, commercial, transportation, healthcare, and residential sectors, both in Canada and Europe. 

Beyond her professional achievements, she is passionate about sustainable and inclusive development. 

Weronika’s educational background is rooted in architecture, further enriched by her attainment of a master’s degree in engineering leadership in High-Performance Buildings. She is currently working to complete her PMP certification at the University of British Columbia.

Outside of her architectural endeavors, Weronika enjoys spending her free time renovating old furniture, creating pottery, and playing basketball. She shares her leisure moments with her best friend, a 2-year-old German Shepherd.