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Marco Cheung

Intermediate Technologist
Marco Cheung

Marco graduated from BCIT in 2014 with an Architectural Building Technology Diploma, and is currently in the RAIC’s Syllabus program as an aspiring architect.

He started his career working on industrial, commercial, residential, and mixed-use projects at a variety of scales, and is excited to have recently pivoted to the social equity typologies of education (elementary and secondary) and daycares.

Marco is passionate about architectural visualization, the connection between academic thought and industry practice, and storytelling in all its forms. 

Four questions with…

Where is your happy place?
Where the waves meet the earth. Whether it be the wetlands on Sea Island, the beaches of San Francisco, or the cliffsides of Japan, I find the sound and sight of how the ocean gives and takes from the shores an immensely powerful gesture.

What type of architecture / architect or design work inspires you?
Architecture is the most compelling when it has something meaningful to say to the people that move through it, allowing us all to share a collective story through experienced space and form. The work of Tadao Ando especially inspires me in how the exterior, interior, and people are overlaid upon one another on stages of light and texture.

What are you most proud of in your design / architecture career (to date)?
I am most proud of my pivot towards architecture which communicates more directly with our community. I am grateful to have worked on, and continue to work with, civic and educational projects which aim to inspire our neighbourhoods and children.

If you weren’t working in architecture, what would you be doing?
Beyond the practice architecture, the study of space is a passion I bring with me into all my other pursuits, from photography to academic study. That thread of interest could bring me many places: researching, teaching, landscaping, set design, filmography…