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Jiaa Uppal

Dip. ABT
Junior Technologist
Jiaa Uppal

Jiaa is originally from India and relocated to Canada in 2012. After obtaining her Architectural and Building Technology Diploma from BCIT in May 2023, she started her professional journey as a Technologist. She has been primarily focused on residential projects but recently had the opportunity to work on some education and healthcare projects.

Jiaa is enthusiastic about exploring diverse architectural designs. Outside of work, she is passionate about traveling and exploring different cultures.

Four questions with…

What is your favourite pastime?
My favorite pastimes include playing sports like Badminton, Basketball and Tennis, binge watching TV shows and catching up with friends.

Binge-watching a show / series, or read a good book?
Most likely binge watch a show.

What destination is on your travel bucket list?
I have always desired to travel to Bali and other tropical regions to explore the warm and tropical architecture styles.

What type of architecture / architect or design work inspires you?
I find inspiration in two architecture styles: classical and modern architecture.