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Emmanuel Abuel

Emmanuel Abuel

Emmanuel graduated with a diploma in the Architectural Building Technology program at BCIT in 2017. Since then, he has been continually learning and improving on his practice as a technologist. 

During his studies and in his work, Emmanuel has found a keen interest in green building and passive designs. He aspires to learn more about innovative ways to construct buildings and to partake in shaping Vancouver to become a more modern and sustainable city. 

Four questions with…

What is your favourite pastime?
Travelling, trying out new restaurants/cafes, photography!

Where is your happy place?
At home, by the water, or the forest trails in Golden Ears Park.

What destination is on your travel bucket list?
Iceland would be #1 on my list. Otherwise, I can never get tired of going back to Hawaii.

What type of architecture / architect or design work inspires you?
Functional, simple, yet elegant is what always attracts me to any building design. Scandinavian and Japanese architecture comes to mind as an example.